The Single Frequency Radio

Abhijit Chatterjee
1 min readMar 14, 2022

Hisss…pfft!!! The radio sprang to life,
As his hands tinkered the switches,
The indicator glowed and static noise flowed
From the jet-black magnetic bullhorn.
The dial turned, scanning horizons
For floating messages. Verbal poison
Or uttered nectar. The antenna, its mizzen
Sending and receiving waves from infinity.
Countless frequencies emerging from unity.
Yet, a single forlorn frequency met
The demands of its stubborn listener.
“That’s just one band?” — her feeble voice spoke.
“Yes, it’ll do” — his stern retort did invoke
Authority over speech and verdict.
Envenomed words emerged,
From the mechanical mouth
Produced air thick with gall
The man lolled, hypnotised
As malice snaked into his heart
And wrath made its way to his head
Dislodged reason and installed hate
“No songs here?” -she asked.
“No, only news and facts I like,
“All other channels’ cancelled”-he barked.
Her silent submissive breath
Lost its way amidst the gale of hate
That emerged through wireless wizardry.

On the far side of the world,
Another hand fumbled, turning knobs,
Tuning channels. A radio sprang to life.
A Single Frequency Radio.
It too spewed toxin,
Designed to soothe the listener.
“A single band?” — he feebly asked.
“A station of my choice” — she snapped.
“All other channels’ cancelled”.

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